Best Of Malaysia

Malaysia shares land borders with Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and  maritime boundaries with Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Malaysia is located on two large islands, separated by the South China Sea, which contains many smaller islands. Malaysia has two peak tourist seasons, one is December and January, second one is from June to August. The country offers diverse scenery, rangin more..
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Singapore has been South east Asia ‘s most modern city for over a century. Singapore is Populated by high-rise buildings and gardens.This cosmopolitan city  offers a world-class living environment. Singapore is famous for scrupulously clean surroundings and a very strict administration. Explore the city and enjoy a marvelous tour of the city's skyline with more..
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Amazing Thailand

It would not be called ‘Amazing Thailand’ if there were no white send beaches, ancient temples, awesome sightseeing & activities in this wonderful country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is Bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and the coast of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand on different areas. It is one of those vacation destinations in the world with great food, more..
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Best Of Far East

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