About Travel Mania

Customer service, quality, hospitality, and tour planning are among our core expertise at Travel mania.

With the expert knowledge and acquaintance of our guides, our promise is of a well-informed trip that will tease the travel bug in you and increase your eagerness to travel. Our expertise also lies in ensuring amazing, luxurious trips within your stipulated budget.Travel mania has an extensive network across global destinations. Travel mania has knowledgeable and skillful professional planners who assist you in experiencing life-enriching travel adventure. We adapt quickly to changing travel patterns, adding new attributes to our tours that result in you having the utmost experience of your trip.

Why Travel Mania

  • Paramount customer service.
  • Tour programs that leave you with memories to cherish for all your life.
  • Exceeding your dream expectations with adventurous tours and a well-thought itinerary by the experts.
  • A range of traveling options including bus, train, foot, rickshaw, bicycle, plane, boat, and what not to reach your destination.
  • Wide network of comfortable accommodation from 5-star to 3-star hotels, luxurious apartments to beach resorts or home-stays.
  • Knowledgeable, familiar, trained local guides who explore all corners of the trip.
  • We also facilitate exploring local markets, meeting up with locals and exploring their lives.


Travel Mania, based in New York, USA, takes pride in keeping pace with ever dynamic patterns of travel preferences of our travelers. The growth and advancement of our company can truly be attributed to our spontaneity and experience in arranging travel plans that tries to realize your travel dreams.

We ensure that we are aware of the ever changing demands of the travel experiences from around the world. we make it our business to know their requirements and draw out their wish-lists.

Our experience is our strongest asset – experience that comes with executing memorable and extra ordinary travel experiences, the thought leadership of experienced professional planners in Travel Mania team, and most importantly the value of the extensive network of our business associates around the globe.

If your passion is to experience the beautiful locations of the world in an effective and efficient manner, our job is to make that happen!


Travel mania focuses on helping you experience the authenticity of a place. Our objective is to connect you with the local and original taste and lifestyle of the trip you take.

Our primary objective is to provide with high quality and professional services that match your preference of budget, timings, and appetite for adventure.

Global REach

Travel mania offers tours to worldwide destinations. The US, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Middle-East, China, Africa and India are some of the many places that add up to our catalog. To cope up with the needs and demand of today’s techno-savvy and well-educated travelers, our experts keep themselves well-informed and updated. For our multi-lingual experts, language is not a barrier to ensure the best of their services.

Our Team

The Travel Mania team is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional who have the wide range of experience of planning simple and budgetary journeys to entirely customized and luxurious trips. We can proudly claim that your experience of adventure with us will be a benchmark in your life. Give a chance to our professional team planners to explore your dreams and a book a range of trips including honeymoon packages, escorted trips, family vacation, flights and cruises, group tours, etc.

Our Services


Accommodation facility with top quality amenities and services is one of our major focus areas while designing tour packages. We have all the categories which are in demand by travelers: from 4-star to 5-star hotels to resorts, standard hotels or home-stays based on your budget. We leave no stone unturned to make sure you travel to your desired destination with all the preferred accommodation and facilities.


The cuisine or food quality and variety being served during the trip plays crucial role in overall satisfaction of the entire trip. Hence, when it comes to cuisine services, we aim at delivering the very best. This includes offering vide variety of meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Moreover, experiencing the country which you are visiting, their traditions, food recipes, local cuisines is such a thrill and we know that! Designing a tour in which you can explore the delicious taste of the local cuisines is our lookout. In your free time you can also explore the street food and experience the locality around you. Let us know & we will be glad to help If you are traveling on a special occasion and need a special meal!


All of our tour packages are inclusive of the sites and tours featured in the itinerary unless otherwise mentioned. In free time your local guide is more happy providing you with all the essential input and support about local places to visit, ways to reach there, local markets etc which let you travel, discover and explore the place on your own multiplying your happiness and satisfaction.

Travel Guides

The guiding principle of Travel Mania signifies well attuned to you while following tour. The local ambassadors, who assist you, ensure that they know all your interests, expectations and explorations. In simple terms, we understand that your guide must understand you. With this effect, Travel mania has the vast network of local guides who are knowledgeable, and highly experienced to ensure a memorable and adventurous trip.